Can ChatGPT Transcribe Audio? Unveiling the Power of Whisper API for Transcription Services

The 21st century has been a year full of innovations, with AI being on everyone’s tongue. From autonomous vehicles to ChatGPT, the global AI market is worth over $136 billion. According to experts, the AI industry will grow more than 13 times in the next seven years. The demand for various forms of content coupled … Read more

Blockchain Innovation in Japan in 2023: Empowering Regional Strength

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Japan is embracing blockchain innovation with open arms. Blockchain technology, often associated with the principles of Web 3.0, is proving to be a game-changer for the nation’s regional development. As we explore this transformative journey, we see how Blockchain Innovation in Japan is shaping the nation. Furthermore, Hokkoku Financial … Read more

Silent Eight Targets Nasdaq IPO: AI Powers Fight Against Financial Crime

The fintech startup Silent Eight, headquartered in Singapore, is quickly gaining prominence in the financial technology landscape. Supported by the renowned global banking institution HSBC, the company is embarking on a transformative journey to reshape the battle against financial crimes by harnessing advanced AI technology. Martin Markiewicz, the CEO of Silent Eight, envisions a future … Read more

“MacKenzie Scott’s Remarkable 2023 Philanthropy: Estimated $146 Million Donated”

MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott’s philanthropic efforts have extended with an estimated aggregate of $146 million donated to 24 nonprofit organizations this year, as per The Chronicle of Philanthropy. While Scott customarily updates her donations tally on her Yield Giving website, no listings for 2023 have been posted. Consequently, The Chronicle compiled a list of organizations that publicly … Read more