Corey Harrison Arrested for DUI: A Closer Look at the “Pawn Stars” Star’s Life

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In an unexpected turn of events, Corey Harrison, renowned as “Big Hoss” from the popular reality show Pawn Stars, found himself facing legal trouble in Las Vegas. TMZ first broke the news about Harrison’s arrest, which transpired in the early hours of a Friday morning. While the initial details remained under wraps, the incident unfolded in the very city where Corey calls home and where the iconic show is filmed.

Corey Harrison arrested
Corey Harrison mugshot

Who is Corey Harrison?

Corey Harrison, born on April 27, 1983, is Rick Harrison’s son from his first wife, Kim. Remarkably, Corey commenced his journey in the family’s pawn shop at the tender age of nine. This early exposure laid the foundation for his future involvement in the business.

Corey’s wife and Divorce

During his high school years, Corey crossed paths with Charlene Steele, igniting a passionate romance that ultimately led to their marriage in 2009. Charlene also joined the family business, working alongside her husband at the pawn shop. Regrettably, the couple’s union came to an end in 2015 for undisclosed reasons.

Corey’s Second Marriage

On May 26, 2017, Corey embarked on a new chapter in his life when he married Korina “Kiki” Harrison, an executive assistant based in Las Vegas. Their relationship seemingly blossomed around 2016, with Corey frequently sharing affectionate snapshots on Instagram. The couple sealed their love in an intimate ceremony in Kiki’s hometown of San Diego.

Cory Harrison arrested

Corey Harrison’s Arrest: The Details

Corey Harrison’s arrest for DUI sent shockwaves through his fan base. Under Corey Harrison dui, he disclosed that he had just returned to Las Vegas from Minnesota when he was pulled over by the police. The reason behind the traffic stop, according to Harrison, was his swerving while driving. Although Corey admitted to having consumed one drink on his flight home, which took place seven hours before the arrest, he cooperated with law enforcement.

He willingly submitted to a field sobriety test and even offered to take a breathalyzer. However, Corey claimed that the breathalyzer was allegedly broken, rendering it inoperable. At the police station, Corey’s commitment to proving his sobriety led him to undergo a blood test. Following approximately eight hours in custody, authorities released him. They even offered him a ride home. Corey Harrison steadfastly maintains that he had only one drink earlier in the evening and has not admitted to being drunk.

Corey Harrison’s Net Worth and Career

As of September 2023, Corey Harrison boasts an estimated net worth exceeding $5 million. This substantial fortune primarily derives from his extensive career on the television show ‘Pawn Stars’ and its various spin-off series. Corey’s journey in the industry began at a mere nine years of age, progressing to his role as the shop’s manager. His financial success extends to business ventures, including co-ownership of the ‘World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.’ Furthermore, Corey has made appearances in other shows, such as ‘Surly.’

Conclusion: The Awaited Verdict

The news of Corey Harrison’s DUI arrest has undoubtedly stirred interest and concern among fans of Pawn Stars. However, it is crucial to remember that Corey is innocent until proven guilty. The final verdict on the DUI charges remains uncertain, with further legal proceedings expected to provide clarity. As developments unfold, Corey Harrison’s loyal followers eagerly await updates on his legal situation, hoping for a favorable resolution. We will continue to provide information as it becomes available.

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