Did Jenni Hermoso Lie About the Kiss? The Spanish Football Federation Fires Back with Startling Evidence!”

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An unexpected turn of events has unfolded as the aftermath of the Women’s World Cup final, with serious accusations now being exchanged between the Spanish Football Federation and player Jenni Hermoso. The saga began when Hermoso claimed that she had not granted consent for a post-match kiss from Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation. However, the federation has swiftly fired back, asserting that Hermoso’s account is fabricated.

Rubiales, who was initially expected to step down as president due to his behavior during Spain’s triumph over England, shocked many by defiantly stating in a press conference that he will not resign. Instead, he framed himself as a victim of what he terms ‘social murder’ and ‘false feminism’.

In a released statement following Rubiales’ press conference, Hermoso asserted, “I want to clarify, that at no time did I consent to the kiss. I don’t tolerate my integrity being questioned, let alone the fabrication of words I never uttered.”

The situation escalated as Spain’s players refused to represent the national team until Rubiales exits his role, gaining support even from England’s Lionesses. However, the Spanish FA has countered Hermoso’s claims by presenting evidence suggesting she welcomed Rubiales’ contact during the World Cup medal ceremony.

The Spanish Football Federation‘s official statement reads, “We have become aware of the statement made by the Futpro union regarding the actions of President Luis Rubiales during the Extraordinary Assembly of the RFEF. The union’s communication purports to represent Jennifer Hermoso and attributes certain remarks to her, quoted as if spoken by her.”

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“The RFEF would like to clarify that our relevant departments have endeavored to contact Jennifer Hermoso in relation to the filed complaints, but our attempts have been unsuccessful.”

The federation staunchly supports President Rubiales, pledging to take legal measures to defend his reputation. “In a society governed by the rule of law, opinions are met with facts, evidence, and untruths are disproven in a court of law.”

“The president’s version of events aligns with the internal records we possess. Jennifer Hermoso has not responded to our requests, demonstrating the truth of the president’s statements.”

To substantiate their stance, the Spanish FA has presented a series of images. One captures Hermoso embracing Rubiales from behind, with his arms resting loosely on her back. The subsequent photos reveal Rubiales lifting off the ground as Hermoso maintains her grip.

Jenni Hermoso kiss controversy

The evidence presented, the statement concludes, is conclusive in affirming that President Rubiales did not deceive. The Spanish Football Federation expresses its regret that an extraordinary sporting achievement has been overshadowed by this issue, promising to uphold players’ decisions regarding international participation.

In a climate where words are contested, actions questioned, and reputations are on the line, the world watches as the drama between the Spanish Football Federation and Jenni Hermoso unfolds.

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