Aerosmith’s 2023 Farewell Tour Rescheduled: Steven Tyler’s Vocal Cord Injury

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Aerosmith fans around the world were met with disappointment when the iconic rock band announced the postponement of their remaining September concert dates on the “Peace Out: The Farewell Tour.” The reason behind this sudden change in plans? Steven Tyler’s Vocal Cord Injury. The legendary lead singer, and frontman of Aerosmith, has suffered vocal cord damage that has left him “heartbroken” and under strict doctor’s orders not to sing for the next thirty days. The incident occurred during a recent concert in Chicago, where Tyler experienced vocal cord damage and subsequent bleeding, necessitating the tour’s rescheduling.

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The Setback:

Steven Tyler, known for his distinctive and powerful voice, addressed the situation in a statement released by the band, expressing his deep regret for the inconvenience caused to fans. “I’m heartbroken to say I have received strict doctor’s orders not to sing for the next thirty days,” Tyler stated. He went on to explain that the vocal cord damage occurred during the Saturday show, leading to subsequent bleeding. Despite the setback, Tyler remains committed to delivering an unforgettable performance to loyal Aerosmith fans.

Rescheduled Dates:

In light of Steven Tyler’s health condition, Aerosmith has taken the necessary step to reschedule the postponed September concerts. Fans need not despair, as the band has ensured that all previously purchased tickets will be honored at the newly scheduled dates. Additionally, for those unable to attend the rescheduled shows, refunds will be made available. This thoughtful gesture demonstrates the band’s dedication to their fan base.

The New Tour Dates:

The rescheduled tour dates provide fans with something to look forward to in early 2024. The revised schedule includes performances in six cities:

  1. Detroit on January 29th.
  2. Chicago on February 14th.
  3. Washington, D.C. on February 17th.
  4. Toronto on February 21st.
  5. Raleigh, North Carolina on February 26th.
  6. Cleveland on February 29th.

Reflecting on the Farewell Tour

Before this unexpected setback, Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour had commenced with a bang, with a memorable performance in Philadelphia. The band treated their fans to a lineup of chart-topping hits, including classics such as “Love in an Elevator,” “Janie’s Got a Gun,” “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” and many more. A poignant tribute was also paid to Fleetwood Mac, with Aerosmith delivering a remarkable cover of “Stop Messin’ Around.”

In Conclusion: Resilience of a Legendary Band

Despite this temporary hurdle, Aerosmith remains steadfast in its commitment to providing an unforgettable experience for its loyal fan base during its Farewell Tour. With rescheduled tour dates on the horizon in early 2024, the band is determined to return even stronger, ensuring that their fans receive the performance they rightfully deserve. Aerosmith’s enduring legacy in the world of rock music continues to shine brightly, and their final tour promises to be a fitting tribute to their illustrious career.

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