Box Office- ‘The Equalizer 3’ Poised for a $35 Million Debut – The Projection Sparks Excitement!

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Box Office Highlights

  1. “The Equalizer 3” is poised to dominate the domestic box office charts, with a projected debut weekend earning of approximately $35 million, ensuring its comfortable position at the top.
  2. Warner Bros.’ “Barbie” maintains its grip on the second spot, achieving a significant milestone by crossing the $600 million mark in domestic box office earnings. This feat solidifies its position as the biggest hit of the year, surpassing “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.”
  3. “Blue Beetle” is anticipated to secure the third spot in the box office rankings. However, despite its position, the film has struggled to capture the interest of fans within the DC Extended Universe and faces minimal enthusiasm ahead of the launch of the DC Universe. Its domestic earnings stand at a modest $57 million, reflecting its lackluster performance.

Box Office Report: The Equalizer 3 Dominates Labor Day Weekend

After a rather eventful race for the top spot last weekend, the domestic box office won’t witness similar drama this time around, with “The Equalizer 3” poised to comfortably top the chart in its debut. This final installment of the surprisingly successful series, which followed in the footsteps of Liam Neeson’s late-period action hits, is exceeding expectations and eyeing a $35 million finish across the traditional three-day weekend. This figure could expand to approximately $43 million over the extended four-day Labor Day weekend. Remarkably, this debut is on track to become the second-largest Labor Day opening ever, trailing only behind “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” which boasted a $94 million opening a couple of years ago.

Denzel Washington Returns as Robert McCall

Starring Denzel Washington as a retired Marine named Robert McCall, “The Equalizer 3” made an impressive $13 million on its opening Friday, following a solid $3.8 million from Thursday previews. Each film in this trilogy has been skillfully directed by Antoine Fuqua, the same director who guided Washington to an Oscar win in “Training Day.” The initial “Equalizer” film was released nearly a decade ago in 2014 and achieved $101 million in domestic box office earnings, along with a worldwide total of $192 million. Four years later, “The Equalizer 2” made a similar impact, grossing approximately $102 million domestically and $190 million worldwide.

Barbie Holds Its Ground

Following its showdown against Sony’s “Gran Turismo” last weekend, Warner Bros.’ “Barbie” once again secures the second spot, eyeing a $10 million haul in its seventh weekend of release. The film generated $2.5 million on Friday and is projected to make approximately $13 million over the extended four-day weekend. Beyond its weekend performance, “Barbie” reached a remarkable milestone, crossing the $600 million mark domestically on Friday. Furthermore, it triumphed over “The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s” lifetime earnings of $1.35 billion, now standing as the year’s biggest hit.

Blue Beetle’s Superhero Challenge

Another Warner Bros. release, the low-key superhero title “Blue Beetle,” is vying for the third spot this weekend. The film made $1.5 million on its third Friday and is expected to earn $6.4 million across the traditional three-day frame, with an extended weekend total of $8.3 million. Despite its modest production budget, “Blue Beetle” has struggled to capture the attention of audiences, facing limited interest from fans of the evolving DC Extended Universe and the upcoming DC Universe.

Gran Turismo Faces Stiff Competition

Last week’s champion, “Gran Turismo,” finds itself in a tight race for the fourth spot. Director Neill Blomkamp’s video game adaptation, initially marketed as an inspirational sports drama, is projected to earn $6.5 million over three days and approximately $8 million across the extended four-day frame. However, achieving the $30 million domestic milestone by Monday remains a challenge for this film.

Oppenheimer’s Continuing Success

Universal’s “Oppenheimer” claims the fifth spot, generating $1.3 million on its seventh Friday. This performance takes its running domestic total to an impressive $304 million. Over this weekend, Christopher Nolan’s three-hour epic is expected to surpass the $850 million mark, making it his third-highest-grossing film, surpassing “Inception.”


The domestic box office continues to be an exciting arena, offering a diverse range of films and performances. “The Equalizer 3” stands out as it takes the lead, while “Barbie” solidifies its status as 2023’s highest-grossing film. “Blue Beetle” faces challenges in the superhero genre, “Gran Turismo” encounters stiff competition in its second week, and “Oppenheimer” maintains its steady climb in the box office ranks. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the world of cinema.

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