Becky Lynch’s Sensational WWE NXT Return: Unmissable Highlights and No Mercy Rematch Teased!

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WWE NXT Results: Becky Lynch Returns with WWE Highlights

wwe nxt results

In her first WWE NXT appearance since winning the NXT Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch would kick off an action-packed September 19 episode.

It was a champions’ night as Carmelo Hayes and “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio would compete in a non-title clash.

This show would also feature the final matches of Group A and Group B in the Global Heritage Invitational. Tyler Bate and Butch would renew their rivalry while Duke Hudson hoped to play spoiler against Joe Coffey.

With the Women’s Breakout Tournament close to returning, Lola Vice hoped to prove her worth early by challenging former winner Roxanne Perez.

wwe nxt highlights

This was only the beginning of a night with big stakes as No Mercy approached. Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton Agree to No Mercy Rematch. Becky Lynch opened the show promising Tiffany Stratton a rematch whenever she wanted it. The Center of the Universe demanded it at No Mercy. Kiana James attempted to attack The Man from behind, but she fought off both heels with a steel chair.

NXT is leaning into the time it has with Lynch. She is working every week and pushing her competition to step up to her. The crowd went wild for her and finally committed to booing the obvious heel Stratton.

The Center of the Universe showed her continued inconsistency on the mic, but she at least did not lose her confidence. It is surprising that NXT is already pushing to the rematch between the two women, but it will be a guaranteed great match.

Notable Moments:

  • The Man recited a personalized poem about her future challengers. The crowd did not know how to react to the unique rhymes.
  • Lynch did not mince words when she called Stratton “a better fighter than a talker”.
  • Ilja Dragunov promised he would be ready for his rematch with Carmelo Hayes. He then ceded the mic to Lynch, who challenged Stratton and James to a handicap match.
  • The Family agreed to defend their titles against The Creed Brothers, Los Lotharios, and the winner between Bronco Nima and Lucien Price and Hank and Tank.

Global Heritage Invitational: Butch vs. Tyler Bate

Tyler Bate and Butch showed what makes them special rivals. It was back-and-forth all the way to the final minute. After The Big Strong Boi kicked out of the Bitter End, The Bruiserweight finished him off with the Better End.

While Butch and Bate have had better matches, they keep a consistent quality, and it has been too long since these two have clashed. They brought it all over 11 minutes, and they could have three times as long.

Watch the video here- Butch is ready to reignite his rivalry with Tyler Bate

The Bruiserweight needed to win here to make the tournament matter. Bate can get a shot at Noam Dar any time, but Butch is likely to return to the main roster soon. He needed a spotlight for his impressive work.

The Big Strong Boi showed once again why he may be too good for NXT at this point. He could steal the show on Raw or SmackDown at any time.


Butch def. Bate by pinfall to win Group A in the Global Heritage Invitational.

Notable Moments:

  • Meta-Four showed off their Matrix-inspired gear. Butch interrupted Noam Dar’s Neo impression.
  • At the 10-minute mark, Butch reversed the Tyler Driver 98 into one of his own.
  • Bate reversed the Bitter End into a DDT followed by his own Bitter End for a near-fall.
  • Butch got his knees up to counter the Spinning Boi followed by the Bitter End for a shocking near-fall.

Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice (w/ Elektra Lopez)

Lola Vice challenged Roxanne Perez more than anyone could have expected. However, The Prodigy caught the MMA star with a roll-up for three.

The goal was to elevate Vice without taking away from Perez. This match certainly served its purpose. This is the best that Vice has looked so far, highlighting her MMA background throughout.

The Prodigy could have gotten in more offense here, but with four minutes, the two knew it was important to showcase the favorite in the Women’s Breakout Tournament.


Perez def. Vice by pinfall.

Notable Moments:

  • Perez offered to tag up with Becky Lynch after her match, but her shoulder was too bruised for The Man to let her.
  • In a pre-taped video, Eddy Thorpe challenged Dijak to a Strap match.

Stay tuned for more NXT action as the road to No Mercy unfolds, and the Global Heritage Invitational continues to heat up!

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