Las Vegas Family Sees Aliens in Backyard: Police Called to Scene

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Unexplained Alien Sighting in Las Vegas Backyard

In an extraordinary incident that has left a Las Vegas family bewildered, they claim to have encountered 10-foot-tall aliens in their own backyard. The Kenmore family’s unexplained alien sighting on May 1 this year sent shockwaves through their lives and even prompted them to report the mystery alien sighting to the local police.

The bizarre incident began when Angel, the eldest son of the Kenmore family, dialed 911 to report the presence of these towering extraterrestrial beings right in their own garden. It was a sighting that defied explanation and has since become the talk of the town.

Las Vegas Family Sees Aliens
Images by – Inside edition

Las Vegas family sees aliens: Call to Police

What makes this account even more intriguing is the corroborating evidence captured by a police officer’s bodycam just moments before the alien sighting. The footage reveals a bright ball of light hovering in the night sky over the Nevada city, which raised eyebrows among law enforcement colleagues. Typically, such calls might have been dismissed, but this unexplained phenomenon demanded further investigation.

The Kenmores recently broke their silence on the US news magazine show Inside Edition, sharing their incredible story with the world. They didn’t stop at just talking about it; they also provided sketches of the mysterious creatures they claimed to have seen.

Las Vegas Family Sees Aliens
Images by – Inside edition

Eerie Sketches and Puzzling Descriptions: Las Vegas Family’s Alien Encounter

Angel, who is only 16 years old, along with his father Bobby, created sketches that are eerily reminiscent of classic depictions of aliens from science fiction films. What’s particularly intriguing is that these drawings, though similar in some aspects, don’t quite match each other. Bobby’s sketch, for instance, portrays an alien with a wide head, long neck, and ears that he describes as resembling the beloved ogre Shrek. “They look like ears,” he told the Inside Edition reporter, “But they have these antennae-like light.”

The story takes a stranger turn when we consider the events that unfolded that fateful night. Angel and his brother Joshua recounted feeling a massive shake as something hit the ground, followed by a shockwave. The backyard suddenly appeared blurry to them, and they were startled by the sound of thousands of footsteps all around them.

In a state of fear, the two brothers sought refuge indoors, where they remained until Joshua decided to retrieve his toolkit from the yard later on. It was during this return trip that they claimed to have seen the alien. Angel described it as having “weird-looking feet and a big face with eyes, and you could see a big mouth. I could hear his loud deep breathing and see his stomach move.” This encounter prompted Angel to dial 911 in a state of panic, describing the beings as “very large, 9 feet, 10 feet tall, with big eyes that are 100%, not human.”

Las Vegas Family Sees Aliens
Images by – Inside edition

When officers arrived at the scene, one of them disclosed that he, too, had witnessed something unusual crash earlier in the evening. Multiple clips from police body cameras and dashboard cameras revealed the presence of something blazing across the night sky.

Adding to the intrigue, a “perfect circle” was discovered in the family’s backyard, further convincing the Kenmore family that they had indeed encountered something beyond explanation. The family described the creatures as being “green-grey” in color, and months later, they are still haunted by the experience.

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Their tale has piqued the interest of many alien enthusiasts, who have flocked to their home in search of answers. The Kenmore family’s attorney, Sam Heidari, emphasized that they did not seek publicity; their only action was reporting the incident to the police. He added, “I believe that they believe that it was real,” acknowledging the family’s sincere conviction.

Interestingly, this extraordinary account comes at a time when another perplexing claim has surfaced in Mexico, where “two alien corpses” supposedly dating back a millennium were unveiled at a UFO hearing in the country’s congress. Jaime Maussan, a prominent UFO enthusiast, testified under oath that these mummified figures are unrelated to “our terrestrial evolution” and remain shrouded in mystery.

As investigations continue and interest in these extraterrestrial phenomena surges, the world watches with anticipation for any further developments that may shed light on the mysteries of the cosmos. Las Vegas family sees aliens, Unexplained alien sighting, Alien sighting reported to police, and Mystery alien sighting have all become buzzwords in the wake of this extraordinary event involving the Kenmore family’s encounter with Las Vegas’s 10-foot aliens.


Did a group of aliens crash-land in their garden?

Yes, according to the Kenmore family’s account, they believe that a group of aliens was involved in a mysterious incident in their garden. They reported witnessing 10-foot-tall aliens in their backyard.

Did the Las Vegas family see enormous grey aliens in their back garden?

Yes, as per the Kenmore family’s description, they claim to have seen enormous grey aliens in their backyard during the unusual incident.

Did two tall giant aliens land in their backyard in a UFO?

While the Kenmore family reported a sighting of 10-foot tall aliens in their backyard, the exact manner of their arrival, whether by a UFO or any other means, remains unclear. Their account primarily focuses on the sighting itself.

Did the 10-foot aliens have big brown eyes?

The Kenmore family’s descriptions of the aliens primarily mentioned “big eyes” and noted that the beings were “not human.” However, the color of the eyes was not specifically mentioned in their accounts.

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