iPhone 15 Pro Camera: The Best Camera on a Phone?

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iPhone 15 Pro Review: A Glimpse at Apple’s Newest Innovation

Apple’s highly anticipated event, showcasing the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, has left tech enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. In this comprehensive iPhone 15 Pro review, we’ll delve into the latest features, design enhancements, and pricing details that have captured the attention of Apple aficionados worldwide.

The iPhone 15 Pro is the newest addition to Apple’s lineup, and it’s making waves with its titanium frame design. Apple has chosen to use titanium instead of stainless steel, resulting in a lighter and more comfortable feel. For those who’ve been following Apple’s strategy, this approach of using Pro models to introduce tech advances continues. While the standard iPhone 15 inherits last year’s features, the Pro models push the envelope further.

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iPhone 15 Pro Camera Advancements

One of the standout features in this iPhone 15 Pro review is the remarkable camera improvements. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max sport a 48-megapixel camera with a larger sensor, offering enhanced photography capabilities. These cameras incorporate lidar scanning, augmenting low-light and night photography.

Additionally, there’s a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera carried over from last year’s iPhone 14 Pro. However, the real highlight is the enhanced zoom capabilities, particularly in the Pro Max model, which boasts a 5x optical zoom – a significant leap from the 3x telephoto camera found in the standard Pro. This advancement allows for impressive levels of magnification, even reaching up to 25x digitally, a feat that was once unthinkable for an iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro Price and Availability

As we explore the iPhone 15 Pro price, it’s evident that Apple has positioned this model at a premium level. The iPhone 15 Pro starts at $999 (£999, AU$1,849), while the iPhone 15 Pro Max begins at $1,199 (£1,199, AU$2,199). While the Pro Max’s starting price may be higher than last year’s model, it now offers double the internal storage, starting at 256GB, which enhances its overall value.

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New Apple iPhone Launch

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max were unveiled during Apple’s annual fall event, marking another milestone in the world of smartphones. Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipate these events as they showcase the company’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. This year’s launch introduces not only the iPhone 15 Pro but also the standard iPhone 15, continuing Apple’s tradition of delivering high-quality devices to meet various consumer needs.

Performance and Processor

Beyond the camera enhancements, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max come equipped with the powerful A17 Pro Bionic processor. This 3-nanometer chip boasts an astounding 19 billion transistors, delivering significantly faster performance. The six-core GPU, which is up to 20% faster than the A16’s GPU, even supports ray tracing.

Apple’s dedication to mobile gaming is evident, with developers from Ubisoft and Capcom promoting full console versions of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Resident Evil 8, and Resident Evil 4 Remake for the iPhone 15 Pro. Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is also set to make its way to the iPhone 15 Pro, further solidifying its gaming prowess. The A17 Pro silicon will not only elevate mobile gaming but also benefit augmented reality applications.

iOS 17 and Standby Mode

The iPhone 15 Pro launches with iOS 17, introducing Standby Mode. This innovative feature transforms your iPhone into a passive display during the night, resembling the world’s most expensive alarm clock when mounted on a MagSafe stand. It prominently displays the time and offers app widgets when the phone is turned sideways. iOS 17 is set to become publicly available when the phones launch on September 22.

Spatial Video Capture and Future Enhancements

Another exciting addition to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is spatial video capture. Utilizing multiple cameras, this feature creates videos with depth that can be enjoyed on an Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset, though it won’t be available until later this year. The commitment to enhancing user experiences extends to the camera app, which now includes more interstitial zoom steps for pro photographers.

Users can easily switch between popular focal lengths, including 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm, and set their preferred default focal length when opening the app. Additionally, the cameras can take advantage of the faster throughput speeds on USB-C cables to shoot and instantly transfer photos taken in the maximum sharpness Pro Raw format to a Mac. They can also record video in ProRes format directly to an external storage drive, catering to both amateur and professional photographers and videographers.


In conclusion, this extended iPhone 15 Pro review highlights the remarkable features and advancements that make it a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts and Apple loyalists. With its titanium frame, camera improvements, enhanced zoom capabilities, and the introduction of iOS 17, it’s clear that Apple is committed to delivering exceptional user experiences. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max represent the latest chapter in Apple’s ongoing journey to redefine the smartphone industry, offering innovation and performance that cater to both casual users and professionals alike.

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