Typhoon Haikui Unleashed 70 Crocodiles in China, Residents Fear for Safety

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Yulin Landslides: A Deadly Consequence

In the city of Yulin, a grim toll has been exacted by the relentless rainstorms battering southern China. Typhoon Haikui unleashed more than 70 crocodiles in China and people are scared for safety. At least seven people have tragically lost their lives, and an additional three are reported missing in the wake of multiple landslides. These destructive landslides have wreaked havoc, destroying roads and uprooting trees, prompting authorities to issue urgent warnings on national and provincial trunk highways.

How Many Crocodiles Were Killed in Maoming Flood?

In the city of Maoming, situated near the coast in western Guangdong province, the storm’s fury took an unexpected twist as more than 70 crocodiles managed to escape from a local crocodile farm. Chinese media reports have confirmed the escape, stating that 69 adult crocodiles and six juveniles broke free during the flooding caused by the incessant rain.

Efforts to recapture the escaped crocodiles have been challenging due to the deep waters they inhabit. While some have been successfully captured, the operation remains a formidable task.

The reptiles were kept in a commercial crocodile farm in Maoming, a city in the southern province of Guangdong, when a violent rainfall flooded the region over the weekend, flooding a lake and allowing the reptiles to escape.

crocodiles in china

Rescue Efforts in Beihai City

Further south, near the coast, Beihai city has been inundated by the widespread rainfall, leading to dire conditions. Rescue teams have been seen wading through thigh-deep waterlogged areas, evacuating residents in boats. Approximately 1,360 people found themselves trapped by the rising floodwaters.

crocodiles in china

Are Rescuers Evacuating People in Water Lodge Areas?

As a result of the torrential rain, the city’s observatory has raised its storm warning to the highest level on a four-tier alert system. A staggering 101 milliliters of rain fell in a mere three-hour period on Tuesday morning, heightening the risks of flash floods, geological disasters, and waterlogging in both urban and rural areas.

The remnants of former Typhoon Haikui continue to unleash their fury upon southern China, resulting in over 100 landslides and widespread flooding. Tragically, the toll of human lives lost has risen to at least seven, and several remain missing. The region grapples with the relentless force of nature, requiring immense resilience and coordinated efforts to ensure the safety of its residents.

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